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Factory farming is everywhere - around 2 in every 3 farm animals are factory farmed. But it doesn't work - it's dangerous, unfair and dirty.

Farmageddon is a campaign to kickstart a food and farming revolution. We are exposing the raw truths of factory farming and building a movement for better food and farming. Sign up to Farmageddon and help expose the true cost of factory farming. Together, let's kickstart a food and farming revolution.

compassion logoFarmageddon is brought to you by Compassion in World Farming. The organisation was founded over 40 years ago by a British farmer who became horrified by the development of modern, intensive factory farming. Find out more about Compassion.

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All around the world, our farms are turning into factories. Our food is screwed and factory farming is screwing us. It's farmageddon. Join us today and help unscrew our food.

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21 July 2014
Socialist Review: Farmageddon

From the coast of Peru to the fields of Britain the way food is produced is shaping the environment we rely on for our survival.

21 July 2014
Independent: Drug-resistant bacteria: Sewage-treatment plants described as giant 'mixing vessels' after scientists discover mutated microbes in British river

Superbugs resistant to some of the most powerful antibiotics in the medical arsenal have been found for the first time in a British river – with scientists pinpointing a local sewage-treatment plant as the most likely source.

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Standing shoulder to shoulder with YOU!

16 july 2014 - Compassion in World Farming

Campaigning in the digital era is fantastic – as we found out recently, our content can go viral overnight and our message can reach thousands of people at the click of a button. But we also love to meet you in person; to hear, first hand, why ending factory farming matters to you. So we were thrilled when, recently, we got to meet hundreds of you to celebrate our victories, swap campaigning stories and share our plans to fix the world’s broken food system.

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You care about your food. And these people all agree with you

27 june 2014 - Compassion in World Farming

We love it when others get excited about the links between food, health and the environment – issues that are right at the heart of Farmageddon. So it was fantastic to hear about the recent EAT gathering in Stockholm, Sweden, which was dedicated to exploring these hot topics – and, importantly, how they interact.

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