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Factory farming is everywhere - around 2 in every 3 farm animals are factory farmed. But it doesn't work - it's dangerous, unfair and dirty.

Farmageddon is a campaign to kickstart a food and farming revolution. We are exposing the raw truths of factory farming and building a movement for better food and farming. Sign up to Farmageddon and help expose the true cost of factory farming. Together, let's kickstart a food and farming revolution.

compassion logoFarmageddon is brought to you by Compassion in World Farming. The organisation was founded over 40 years ago by a British farmer who became horrified by the development of modern, intensive factory farming. Find out more about Compassion.

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FOOD. It's a short word, but these four simple letters mean everything. What we choose to eat and drink creates ripples that spread around the world. Some food can make life better. Some food can make life worse. Factory farmed food makes life worse. Much worse. We can all enjoy great-tasting, healthy food that nourishes our planet. But to do this we must end the dominance of factory farming. And you can help make it happen.